Gilles Castel
Mathematics student at the university of Leuven. Interested in mathematics, software development, Vim, Unix, design.

Lecture Notes

These are a selection of my notes of courses taught at KULAK or KULeuven. Most of these notes will only be useful to other KULeuven students, but not all of them: some notes I shared simply because they contain beautiful figures, like the report on Newton fractals, and some because they discuss interesting problems that I haven't found a detailed explanation on online, for example Takehome II of Relativity. If you're interested in the LATEX code, feel free to contact me.

B217-18nlG0N86BN6 ECTS

Analysis II

M119-20enG0B11AE6 ECTS

Symplectic Geometry

M119-20enG0B05AE6 ECTS

Riemann surfaces